Enrollment for this session of the P3 Exchange has been closed. Please inquire privately to be put on the waitlist for the Fall 2021 session.

The P3 Exchange: Sunshine Session

Duration: 20 weeks, April 12th to August 31st, 2021

Cost: $455.00 (Payment plans available, inquire privately at [email protected]!)

What is the P3 Exchange?

Instead of rushing through a laundry list of herbs, we only focus on a limited number of herbs: digging deep into how to grow, process, and use each one. 
We use each herb to master the unique skills that it can teach us in the context of each season. One month, this might be seed starting, utilizing hot vs. cold extractions, the pathophysiology of headaches and effectively inventorying your apothecary. The next month, it will be totally different! 
Yet, herb-by-herb, you will accumulate in-depth mastery of not only the plants themselves, but the skills necessary to harness their remarkable potential. 
Note: The P3 Exchange is typically a 3-month (12 week) intensive during the Fall and Winter sessions. However, since this program also focuses heavily on growing and harvesting skills, we extend the session to 20 weeks during the Summer and Spring to give students more time in their gardens and on the trails!

Unique Features

Hands-on Experience: A “Plant Materials Package” sent to your doorstep! We want you to experiment with and experience herbs, not just study them. 
Holistic & Comprehensive:  We learn how to grow, process and use each herb without limiting ourselves to a single modality or tradition.
Curated Content: The small cohort size allows our instructors and TAs to make sure we are addressing your needs + interests in each session. 
Social + Active Learning: In addition to instructional content, you will be able to chat, grow and study with your fellow students in a variety of ways! 

Each session includes:

Estimated Time Investment: 5-7 hrs per week, 20-28 hrs per month  (this includes watching instructional videos, reading posted materials, attending livestreams, contributing to group discussion and working on your personal project.)

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