An Ode to Mystical Transitions and Odd Unevens

Sweet Autumn Clematis in an After Storm Mist: An Ode to Mystical Transitions and Odd Unevens

“August rain: the best of the summer gone,
and the new fall not yet born.
The odd uneven time.”

Sylvia Plath

This photo represents a gardening delicacy for me.

Have you ever had a “picture” in your head of how your garden would look? One that comes from a kaleidoscope of dusty garden picture books, torn magazine photos, romantic plant poetry, inquisitive botanical garden walks, memories of your grandmother’s hideaways?

This is a photo of just that – a dream I had – probably from driving old Deep South roads, passing by farm homes and cottages with lush green arbors of roses, morning glories or hydrangeas. I always saw arbors as romantic, mystical transitions from one place to another – gently announcing, “Hey, you are leaving one place and moving to another!” A portal of sorts.

My two Sweet Autumn plants sit stoically on either side of our western-facing garage door. One seems to outrun the other in the beginning – but, the lagging one always catches up at blooming time – wrapping its tendrils around the other.

I always wonder about the gardener who decided to plant “two.” Two plants separated with the hope and faith that one day they would connect together. The patience to wait for that journey – the perseverance to support the growth. The builder of that portal – what dreams did she/he have?

For me, it is a physical reminder for my family that as they pull into the driveway the transition from their busy, active, individual worlds to the warmth of family, hearth, and home is upon them. Crossing over is now.

Sweet Autumn – a simple lovely plant on an arbor. Yet, reminding us of the last phase of summer – and the sweetness of Autumn to come. Showing us that we are in the midst/mist of a transition between seasons where a “tug of war” has begun of rain, heat, moist, dry, green, brown, death and life. And, we must be gentle with ourselves as we ride this seasonal wave.

August – the edge of Autumn – a mystical, rambunctious transition to Fall.

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