Maiden, Mother, Crone

Maiden, Mother, Crone

🌱 Making Chickweed vinegar today which will become part of my Spring Oxymel that I make every year…

This weedy vinegar of dock, plantain, nettle, and so much more has become a regular in my home. 🌱

I took 📷 this photo 📷 yesterday because the chickweed bouquet was so beautiful – 😉 only realizing that I had created a triptych of maiden, mother and crone as the herb sat with Skywoman and Elderwoman.

Such a happy accident.

➡ It reminds me of a teaching from years ago where I was taught by an elderly Mississippian woman who said, “where you find Motherwort (mother) you will find Mugwort (crone) and if you look keenly chickweed (maiden) will be protected in their shadows.

“I love that image. Old protecting young. Young respecting old. All together living well. ❤

The beauty and necessity of all the stages of life is something we need to reminded of…as we leave the reflective time of ❄ Winter wisdom and enter into the mystical time of Spring beginnings. 🌱

“…we embody all aspects of the Triple simultaneously (Maiden, Mother and Crone) at every stage of our lives…”

Elizabeth Eiler

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